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Bikini Oops


  • A very brief two-piece swimsuit for women
  • a woman’s very brief bathing suit
  • Scanty underpants
  • an atoll in the Marshall Islands; formerly used by the United States as a site for testing nuclear weapons
  • The bikini or two piece is a women’s swimsuit with two parts, one covering the breasts, the other the groin and, optionally, part or all of the buttocks, leaving an uncovered area between the two. It is often worn in hot weather, while swimming or sunning.


  • “Oops” is the tenth episode from the first season of American sitcom Frasier.
  • Used to show recognition of a mistake or minor accident, often as part of an apology
  • OOPS! The Ounce of Prevention System is a CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System developed in 1983 for use on personal PCs by industries to better manage their maintenance data. The evolution of OOPS! is Oz. the Oz. of Prevention System. The goal of OOPS!
  • The first season of Frasier originally aired between September 1993 and May 1994, beginning on September 16, 1993.

bikini oops


No this was not intentional. Anya

Oops and a Bikini

Oops and a Bikini
Oops and a Bikini